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Learning to play the Blues     For Guitar Teachers and Students

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About - Cheating the Blues



Once you have mastered any section one of the best things you can do is to start using it, experiment and make variations, try things for yourself, use what you learn and let it all become second nature to you

For example if you are new to the D7 Movable chord start practising it up and down the neck of the guitar

Any chord shape you have problems with keep working on them until you can play them in your sleep, especially bar chords if you are new to them

With any chord progression once mastered, experiment with different timings, speed and rhythms, the aim is to always be able to feel what you are playing and to be able to play what you feel

When using a backing track to practise your lead playing and scales, once you have mastered the basics, take it further and experiment more with the notes of the scales

Keep checking back for new stuff added

Cheating the Blues is an on-going evolving project of modules, I will be adding pieces to it all the time.  

The aim is to enable beginners with a quick and easy access to start playing and having fun with the Blues

(It is assumed that you can already play a few chords and are not a total beginner, BUT

If you are a total beginner to guitar I suggest you use the Beginners Guitar Link shown here and start there.

Learn, experiment and master each section well before moving on

A little bit of knowledge, practicing the right things and a lot of feel can go a long way

It’s not how much you know but how well you play/use the little that you do know

You will find Diagrams, Videos, Tabs, Picture and Audio plus there are links here to a lot of the other Different Modules I have created to help you along the way

Do not rush any section, take your time perfect each section and Module before moving on and you will find you will succeed

That all said - Enjoy-Practise-Experiment  and above all have FUN

About the Title Cheating the Blues

We are not really cheating anything but learning and using things that work immediately and to great success enabling you to move and progress much faster, remember what I said above

A little bit of knowledge, practicing the right things and a lot of feel can go a long way

It’s not how much you know but how well you play/use the little that you do know”

About the Quick Navigation Buttons TOP of the page

Once you navigate to a Module you will see the Grey Buttons, they take you to the pages within that Module

Module 1 page 1

Module 1 page 2


The  Open Pentatonic Blues Slide Rule  Pictured on the TOP LEFT of the page takes you to the Free Guitar Slide Rule that enables you to find any Blues or Pentatonic Scale pattern on Guitar and or Keyboard to develop your soloing

NOTE:  Here you will also have access to other Slide Rules and many other different modules for finger picking, tunes tablature, audio videos etc.

Please Note - the slide rules do not play music they are for education and training purposes and not for entertainment

For best results using the Slide Rule - Chrome Browser is recommended especially if used within a smart phone or Tablet, if you are using an older iOS Apple tablet or smart phone the Slide Rule may not function properly, but should work on Mac Computer or Laptop


Open Slide Rulers

Select Pentatonic

Blues Slide Rule

Blues Slide Rule