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Learning to play the Blues     For Guitar Teachers and Students

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Cheating the Blues Index

Cheating the Blues


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About Cheating the Blues


Project 1 A Minor Pentatonic

Project 2 Some bar chords and movable chords

C – G – A7 – D7 – E7

Project 3 The G Major scale – Thumb pick – Starting a basic strum

Project 3 Continued... Enhancing the basic strum – F Major7 chord

Project 4 Starting to put a song together – The House of the Rising Sun


Project 1 Starting an easy blues – Easy open chords – Strum variation – Solo

12 bar basic blues – More on the pentatonic pattern – E minor pentatonic

Using the thumb pick to play lead

Project 2 Finger picking blues – Walking blues in A

Project 3a More chords

Project 3b 8 Bar blues – More complex 12 bar blues using the minor6 chords

Substitute chords


Project 1 More on pentatonic and using them for soloing – Understanding and using the Pentatonic Guitar Slide Rule for Guitar and Keyboard

Project 2  More on pentatonic and using them for soloing continued..

The E minor and G major pentatonic in all positions on guitar and keyboard

12 Bar blues in E

Project 3 More on pentatonic and using them for soloing continued..

The 5 basic pentatonic patterns


Project 1 Jamming with a slow blues in A – 12 Bar slow blues in A

Project 2 One of the best secrets – Chord shapes within the pentatonic patterns

Know your basic chord theory – Understanding the minor chord formula

Project 3 More jamming with a faster blues in A – 12 Bar basic fast blues in A


Project 1 Introducing the Jam-Room – Jamming with the blues using the Jam-Room

CTB Blues Bop in A – Gain mastery of the Pentatonics

Use the Jam-Room to practice your chords too

Project 2 Substitute chords for your rhythm and strum – Minor 6th or 9th chords

Strumming in the Jam-Room – Altering and enhancing the chord progression

Using the Jam-Room

Project 3 Altering and enhancing the chord progression continued...

Jamming with all 12 CTB Blues Bop video files in all 12 keys using the minor 6th or 9th chord - Major 6th chord

Project 4 Using both major and minor pentatonic scale patterns for soloing on I-IV-V chord progressions


Project 1 More complex chord progressions - The Mixolydian Scale/Mode over the Dominant 7th chord

Compare the Major Scale and Mixolydian Scale/Mode - Combining scales learned so far - Understanding the Mixolydian against the Dominant 7th chord

Project 2 Recap Project 4 Module 2 - The benefits of Subscribing as a METS MUSIC Member - Finding the Mixolidian Mode in any Key instantly - The Magic of the Slide Rules, you can find any Mode Instantly and harness the power of the Slide Rules

Project 3 More complex chord progressions, a Minor chord progression - The Natural Minor - The Harmonic Minor - Practice all the Scales you have learned