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Learning to play the Blues     For Guitar Teachers and Students

Jam - Room


CTB Index



A - Continue Starting a Basic Strum

Now try Splitting the strings in half with the strum to create a rhythm

Using down stokes, only strum bass. treble. treble. Etc.

For bass hit approximately the 3 bass strings No’s 6. 5. 4.  and for the treble hit approximately the 3 treble strings No’s 3.  2. 1.

It does not have to be exactly 3 strings at a any one time only approximately

Use the Video link right

Bass and Treble Strum


Always pay particular attention to the timing when practising rhythms and also scales

If you start slow keep it slow till you finish, when you have got it down pat

Then pick up the speed, again keeping it even all the way through

This will help you in the future to enable good timing

B - Enhancing the Basic Strum

By Splitting the strings in half when strumming a more interesting rhythm now starts to develop with accents

Practice this strum pattern shown below using all the basic chords learned so far

Use the Video link right

Enhancing the Basic Strum

OK So now you want to be able to play this strum comfortably using the Am chord first then using all the chords shown below so you cant start to play a basic song

If you are having difficulty with the F Major Bar chord use the F Major 7 chord instead it is a lot easier and can work as a chord substitute for now

C - Using the - Enhancing the Basic Strum Pattern - with other chords

Practise this strum pattern with all of the chords named here, in any order, mix the chords up, change their order around, the main thing is that you can play all the chords and strum without missing a beat or slowing down the timing

Do not be concerned with making a song or tune at the moment

The chords you want to use are

A minor - E Major - C Major - D Major - F Major (The F Major Bar chord is like the A Major bar chord but bared on the 1st fret) (Note: If you are having difficulty with the F Major Bar chord use the F Major 7 chord shown below instead, it is a lot easier and can work as a chord substitute for now)

If you are not familiar with all of these chords then use the LINK here to go to the free module for the Beginner Guitar Chords and learn them

Do not use the F Major 7 shown in the Beginner Guitar Chords module, use the chord shown in the diagram on the left.  

If you are OK with bar chords then use the F Major Bar Chord

M1 - Project  3 Continued..

Continue and enhancing the basic strum - F Major 7 chord