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Learning to play the Blues     For Guitar Teachers and Students

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A - Finger Picking Blues

Now for a different type of Blues feel using a picking pattern - Walking Blues in A:

By doing a variety of techniques and styles of blues we are getting an across the board training for both hands and developing a wider variety of skills for our playing

With this Blues here the fingers I am using to pick this are the

Thumb 1st and 3rd fingers

The H shown in the Tablature is for hammering on the notes see Video 1

Follow the Tab and study the videos and learn this blues see Video 2

Watch particularly the chord hand for the fingering in the video 2

M2 - Project  2

A different type of Blues - Finger Picking walking Blues in A

Video 1 - The Hammer on

Note - If you do not know how to read the

Tablature diagram shown below then use the links here and go to

Finger Picking Guitar Intro

and Enabling your Creativity

B1 - Play this Blues

B2 - Video 2 - Walking Blues in A

C - Perfect and Revise

It is very important that you now try and perfect everything we have done so far before moving on

Make sure your bar chords are getting stronger too, as next we are going to progress and will be using bar chords for more complex chord progressions and then looking at being able to play solos by evolving our lead playing for all the chord progressions we have done