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Learning to play the Blues     For Guitar Teachers and Students

Jam - Room


CTB Index



A - Lets look at more chords

So that we can start to evolve our playing the blues, we are going to need some more chords

Some will be bar chords and some will be movable chords

Learn all the chords shown here and watch each video

By now you should already be familiar with some of these chords

M2 - Project  3a

Starting to Evolve - More complex chords

Videos for the new chords

C - Use the link HERE Module 1 page 2 to view the past videos of some of the chords already done

Remember the G Major chord shape shown in the video is the same shape for the chord or A Major

I.e. The G Major chord shape is bared on the 3rd fret, if you move the chord shape up one fret towards the body of the guitar the chord now becomes G# or Ab Major (G sharp or A flat) bared on the 4th fret

Now if you move the whole shape up again to the 5th fret, it is now the chord of A Major, go up one more fret and is now the chord of A# or Bb Major etc..

This of course applies to all bar or movable chords

Check out the videos below for the other new chords shown above

B Minor chord

D -  Chord Info

Remember use the link HERE Module 1 page 2 to view the past videos of some of the chords already done

Notice with the minor 6 chords I am using my third finger over the top of my little finger to help hold the strings down as this chord can be a bit tricky at first

Also for those of you who are more experienced, yes some chords can have more than one name, the minor 6 chords could also be called a 9th chord, but for the moment do not be concerned about this

NOW Practise all these chord shapes really well before moving on because we are now going to use them to progress with our blues


B Minor 7 chord

C Minor 6 chord

B Minor 6 chord

A Minor 6 chord

Gb Major chord  (G flat or F sharp)